You have a choice (and responsibility) when it comes to you and your family’s healthcare. The options available for MRI and CT services vary greatly. At Big Sky, we are distinguished and set apart in a number of ways. Below are just a few reasons why patients are telling their doctors “We choose Big Sky for our MRI and CT services!”

Cost Savings
Because we are a strictly outpatient (not hospital-based) MRI and CT facility, our MRI and CT rates are often much lower than hospital-based MRI and CT scans. We offer generous discounted prices for patients without insurance. Patients who have commercial or federal insurance policies often pay less at our facility as well. Insurance companies set contractual rates with facilities such as ours and you will find that our rates can be 30-60% lower than hospitals. The best part is that our cheaper rate doesn’t equate to any sacrifice in quality—in fact our diagnostic image quality is better than many hospital MRI scans!
At Big Sky, we have been the regional leader in MRI image quality since 2005. Other facilities have tried to match our quality, but continue to fall short. The key to our great image quality is the combination of a 3 Tesla (3T) MRI system and highly-experienced MRI technologists. 3T is the highest strength MRI available for clinical scanning in the USA, which means that the clearest and most accurate pictures can only be attained with a 3T MRI scanner. “Open” MRI scanners range from (0.2T to 0.7T) and have significantly poorer image quality! Our CT scanner has special software to provide the best image quality while reducing the radiation dose.
Patients are highly satisfied (96%+) with our clinic, particularly with the comfort of the facility and exceptional care of our staff. We have intentionally designed a facility that feels more like a home and less like a “hospital,” which helps patients relax. We understand that people don’t look forward to MRI or CT scans and the results that may be delivered, so we respond to our patients with utmost empathy and compassion.
We have direct connections with both Billings Clinic and St. Vincent Healthcare (as well as a number of other facilities) that allow us to electronically send your images to your healthcare provider immediately after finishing your examination. A radiologist will look at your scan and send a report to your healthcare provider, often within the same day. Patients scanned late in the afternoon or evening will have their report sent to their provider the following day.