After a CT or MRI scan is completed, a radiologist interprets the images and creates a report that is sent to the referring provider. Patients will receive the results from their referring provider which provides the opportunity for a discussion about how the results fit into the overall plan of care and also provide next steps.  Results are often sent to referring providers within a business day but it can take providers some time to review the results and follow-up with patients as they are often extremely busy.

If you are a patient and would like your results forwarded to another provider, please call 406-237-5525 to request the transfer of your information.

Many providers have access to view images electronically through a PACS system.  Big Sky has the ability to push images electronically to many regional and national hospitals as well.  If you are with a provider or a facility and need images or medical records, please call 406-237-5525 to make a request.