Big Sky holds a firm commitment to Superior standards…Superior Technology, Superior Service, and Superior Care. The items below touch on the Superior Service component of this commitment.

Highest Quality Diagnostic Studies

Medical providers and their staff cannot be left with questionable or inconclusive imaging studies. Big Sky takes great care to offer the highest quality studies to most accurately show the anatomy in question. With the most advanced technology clinically available, providers can be more confident in making diagnoses based on Big Sky’s images.

Friendly Scheduling

The days of speaking with a person when you call somewhere seem to have passed. Not at Big Sky-when you call Big Sky you will get a real person and not a “push the numbers” game. Big Sky has friendly and efficient receptionists to quickly schedule patients for imaging studies.

Quick Study Turnaround

The highest quality images do providers no good if they are not quickly read and available for viewing. Big Sky sends images directly to PACS for immediate viewing and consultation. Reports are available via verbal dictations on PACS (Big Sky’s PACS) and finalized reports are delivered within 24 hours.

Same Day Add-Ons

With limited exception (after-hours contrast), Big Sky can get your patients in for scans the same day you call.

Local Radiologists

You’ve come to know and trust the radiologists from Eastern Radiological Associates. Big Sky uses ERA to read all studies so you can have a local doctor giving you an imaging report, not a doctor thousands of miles away.