Cost and value are very important in healthcare decisions.  Many patients report paying significantly less for imaging services at Big Sky as opposed to a hospital setting.  Outpatient centers like Big Sky only focus on imaging and streamline the process, allowing for lower costs and a better patient experience.  Beyond cost savings, Big Sky has distinguished the patient experience at our facility.

Charges for MRI and CT services can vary based on insurance contracts and the negotiated rates so it is best to get an Estimate before receiving services to ensure that you’re getting the best value.  Patients at Big Sky often report a savings of 30-60% from hospital prices.

Although most patients don’t pay the entire charge that a hospital or provider bill an insurance company, insurance contracts can be based off the charge from the facility.  As you will see from the graph below, local hospital charges range from 130% to 500% more than Big Sky’s!  This is a simple but powerful illustration of how your decision where to get your scan can really affect your checkbook!

Get an estimate to determine how much you can save.

Billed charge comparison