Big Sky Diagnostic Imaging of Billings utilizes a 3 Tesla MRI system. This category of MRI system is termed “Ultra-High-Field” or “UHF.” The field strength of a magnet is determined by the Tesla strength of the magnet.

Most systems currently being utilized in the United States are 1.5 Tesla systems. Though the 3 Tesla systems have been available for a number of years in the research and university settings, they have just recently been introduced in the clinical setting. The 3 Tesla system is the most powerful MRI system available for clinical use in the United States today.

The Tesla strength of an MRI system directly impacts the Signal to Noise ratio (SNR) that is produced for imaging purposes. Thus the higher the Tesla strength of an MRI system, the higher the SNR. SNR is a measurement that describes the quality of the pictures or procedures that are produced by an MRI system. Thus the higher the SNR the better the quality of images or procedures that a system can produce.

The SNR equation is evaluated using the Signal, which is the desired information that is provided by the body structures that are being imaged, and how much of this information is being degraded by the Noise, which is unwanted information that detracts from the quality of the image. An increase in SNR equals an image of greater quality, and typically a shorter scan time.

The UHF class of MRI systems have proven themselves to provide the highest quality of imaging available today in the clinical setting. We at Big Sky Diagnostic Imaging of Billings are proud to bring this level of MRI services to the medical community of Billings. Our 3T MRI is fully ACR (American College of Radiology) accredited.